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Ryutsu Center Tokyo – Japan 東京

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6-1-1 Heiwajima

A working population of around 6,000 people comes to Tokyo Ryutsu Center (TRC) daily, and several thousand more people come as visitors during exhibition periods. Conference Rooms and other facilities within the buildings are available for peak periods, when TRC fills to capacity. The restaurants at the site serve several genres of Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisines. Other amenities include a post office, convenience stores, ATMs, a doctor’s office, a dental clinic, and a barber shop. Several types of service facilities are available in both the Office Bldgs. and Distribution Bldgs.. Altogether, the complex functions as a little “town.”

The exhibition spaces on the second floor of the Center Bldg. are aligned in parallel with each other, where they can be divided into multiple spaces or integrated as a single exhibition space on a grand scale.
Venues with floor spaces from 949 m² to 4,473 m² can be freely arranged for any type of exhibition.

  • Hall A: 1,156 m²
  • Hall B: 949 m²
  • Hall C: 970 m²
  • Hall D: 1,398 m²

Total floor space: 4,473 m²


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