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Himeji Castle

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68 Honmachi
Himeji-shi, Hyōgo-ken 670-0012 Japan
+81 79-285-1146

National treasure Himeji Castle was the first World Cultural Heritage in December, 1993 at Japan as well as Horyu-ji in Nara.

Himeji Castle which enjoys by a nickname of “hakurojou” from the elegant form that an aigrette spread its wings. Vivid Daitenshu(main donjon) of the 7th floor of white rampart and 5 beds, east, west and Inui’s Kotenshu(smaller donjon) built with white lime plaster sounurikago are Watari turret, and connected coalition system Tenshu is the feature.

The one by which Daitenshu(main donjon) in Himeji Castle on which we’re laying eyes was just built in 1609 (1609) year. Its beautiful form is also left present when more than 400 years have passed.

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