The major awards of the All England Koi Show 2019

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From the Netherlands we went the All England Koi Show with a large group. Upon entering, I was immediately caught by my enthusiasm. Jasmin Ryan, a member of the jury in training saw me jump. The first known face was a fact. Unfortunately, the promised talk didn't happen, so she still has credit. However, many other conversations have come about. With familiar, but also with less familiar and new faces. That's nice for when you visit all those Koi shows every year. Seeing old acquaintances, but also meeting new faces.

We all felt  this honor  as a responsibility

We also met those new faces at it showvats . We came face to face with the champions of England. We were allowed to photograph them by Bernie Woollands. In fact, we were the only Koi photographers on the show and we were asked to take the official photos of the competition. We all felt this honor as a responsibility; after all, we only had three hours to picture them all, but we succeeded. Therefore, enjoy the fish that we enjoyed so much by scrolling down. The Major Awards of the All England Koi Show 2019.

Grand Champion - Size 7 Kohaku - Tony Pinn

Grand champion


Superior Champion - Size 7 Kohaku - Wayne Taylor

Superior champion

Mature Champion - Size 6 Kohaku - Paul Williams

Mature champion

Adult Champion - Size 5 Kohaku - Mick Preston

adult champion

Young Champion -Size 4 Kohaku - Robert Robson

Young champion

Baby Champion - Size 2 Kohaku - Matt Shields

Baby champion

Jumbo Champion - size 7 Kohaku - Matt Shields

Jumbo champion

Best Non Gosanke - size 6 Asagi / Shusul - Steve Rollins

Best non gosanke

Best Doitsu - size 5 Sanke - Adam Richardson

Best doitsu

Best Yamabuki - size 7 Hikari Muji - Steve Rollins

Dear Yamabuki

2 nd Best Yamabuki - size 6 Hikari Muji - Matt Shields

2 nd Best Yamabuki

3 rd Best Yamabuki - size 5 Hikari Muji - Matthew Pearson

3 rd Best Yamabuki

NVN Friendship Trophy - size 7 Hikari Mojo - Tony Pinn

Nvn friendship trophy

photos Pascal Goossens and Tiebo Jacobs . Thanks to: Pieter Heurter

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