Stefan Koster measures the oxygen content in ponds and filters

As KoiQuestion editor I regularly visit Facebook and Youtube looking at what others make for video material. This time I come across a video by Stefan Koster van Arts & Ants , in which he convincingly shows the oxygen in various ponds and filters by means of measurements. Bead filters, multi-room filter, trickle and showers, but also the immensely popular moving bed; they are all covered. Nice to see that he portrays something that many hobbyists do not expect. In addition, he also shows what happens with medication use and the oxygen.

At the end of the film, Stefan promises to make even more of such films. Keep up the good work!

About Marco Zegers

Marco teaches physics and chemistry at a secondary school under Eindhoven. He has been intrigued by carp since childhood and fished for many hours. He sees the koi, the koi pond and the technique as a fascinating mix between his hobby and his profession.


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