Winner Grand Champion Award GERMAN SHINKOKAI KOI SHOW 2019 

Even before the Koi exhibition is open to the public, all Major Awards are already known and stand out above the competition barrels. The cup remains within the limits this time and belongs to Koi-Schmid, a German Koi dealer. With his Marudoh Sanke from 91 cm he leaves a Taisho again Sanke ironing with the title. It doesn't happen often that this variety, nevertheless belonging to the big three, it Gosanke , managed to conquer the highest position.

According to dealer Markus Schmid, who we interviewed earlier in September 2017 when he was responsible for the Grand Champion at the Italian Koi Show, indicates that it is primarily the skin quality of this Koi that really 'recalls'.

GC Berlin 2019

“Es ist unsere Leidenschaft aus einem guten Koi einen bess Koi zu machen und dabei selber immer weiter zu lernen. Das wirklch schöne an diesem Sanke ist das sie nor weiter wachsen wird und dabei eine Hautqualität hat welche wirklich einzigartig ist.

Ein Sanke der zur europäischen Top Spitze gehört. ”Thus the winner was announced on his website before the result of this show.

The Koi is female and in its seventh year of life. It is therefore likely that it does not stay with this 91 cm. Hisashi Hirasawa, the sitting shacho (boss) at the Marudoh Koi Farm will also be delighted with the developments of this Maruten Sanke . 

For the dealer from… it means the double victory. Also the Supreme Champion namely, fell upon him, about which more later.

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