The koi were set on fire

It is perhaps in stark contrast to the attack in Utrecht where today it was announced that a fourth victim had died, but you will also agree with me about the lives of our Koi. I was therefore stunned when someone in a group app shared the news that five Carp were burned alive in the forest between Nuenen and Son en Breugel. Once led to the source article at Omroep Brabant, a photo quickly proved that it was not about carp caught from a stream or stream; the colorings and patterns are clearly visible. These are koi from a pond. Because the animals do not burn themselves, the perpetrator topped the fish with gasoline and then ignited it. The smoke development that took place in this way caused the alarms of local residents and fire brigades. Assuming the animals had not survived the blaze, a miracle unfolded in front of those present when one of the Koi began to frolic. After some saving action, the koi is plotted in a stream. Now a carp has an unimaginable regeneration capacity, but the chance that the Koi will survive this is certainly minimal.

The fish are topped with gasoline and then lit.

It is disturbing that someone takes the trouble to take Koi into the forest and then kill it. As far as I'm concerned, it testifies to the work of a psychopath. Horrible ....
However, no people were found in the vicinity of the crime scene. Omroep Brabant says that the police have started an investigation into 'animal abuse'. I want to state explicitly that there must be almost premeditated murder, but I also bear the knowledge that Dutch criminal law only knows the Article 350 paragraph 2; that speaks of the destruction of an animal.

What has really happened here ?!
Koi can of course be recognized by their patterns and there is a good chance that they were taken from someone in the pond. She will soon miss it and report it herself? Did the thief find that it was not convenient to take and sell? Or will it be the owner himself who thought it good to cremate his sick fish alive under the false assumption that fish cannot feel pain.

I hope the police take the investigation seriously. We do not know how the Koi ended up in the forest, but it could hardly have gone unnoticed.


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