I've never been to Japan

After a long day at last to my bed, I thought so, but nothing was further from the truth. After pointing out my bedroom, Fabio proposes to eat something else; "I'll just make a reservation," says the life-giver. "Now ?!" I think, but I wasn't tired anymore; Fabio's enthusiasm is contagious and I willingly get into the car with him.

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We end up at a soccer field ?! I fall from one surprise to the other. Why do we visit a football club after midnight ?! Ciotti himself also played here; I see his name on the back of a shirt; the case is therefore the same as one of my personal Italian football heroes from my youth, the attacking midfielder Francesco Totti.

i see his name right behind a shirt stand

When we are inside you immediately forget that you are in a football canteen. The canteen is simply furnished as a small restaurant and Fabio greets the manager as his brother. The waitresses also make it easy to forget where you are. And that around 00:30 hour! We really enjoy serving a three-course star meal. Unbelievable, but it is the conversations with Fabio that make you hungry.

Arriving at koi.lab

it's really just a football canteen

Arriving at koi.lab

man, how good we ate, but the conversations really got hungry.

We discuss specific fish and show Koi back and forth from our phone as many hobbyists know. He is very clear about what he likes or dislikes, but he also asks many questions; often not factually, but a personal opinion is what interests him the most and emerges from it than deeper discussions. In this way I discover that Fabio himself has never been to Japan; crazy for a Koi breeder? How does Fabio get his knowledge and required experience breeder to become? That intrigues.

How long breeding you already? Only three - f * cking - year ?!

After some interrogation, the Italian appears to be using the vision of various professionals and it must be obeyed; for an extrovert person he has a very listening ear, Fabio is really a sponge, but also remains wonderfully quirky. Crazy too; I know quite a few autodidactic people; a guitar or field, but a life like breeder ascend as self-taught? All breeders learn it somewhere or from someone, but Fabio teaches himself; trial and error. I can only think; "How then!" ... Actually it is not that strange, because when I ask how long Fabio has been breeding, the answer is; three years. How long? Only three - f * cking - years ?! I have only been in Parma for a few hours, but have often been surprised. I mean, I already have something tosai even though it was dark, but you wouldn't say this is a beginner's job.

A taste of the KoiLab Tosai

It soon becomes clear to me that Fabio is fully committed and intriguing, but it also leaves a lot of room for questions. But I would still have enough time for that in the coming days. When I leave the football complex, I realize that Totti was also called the prodigy of Rome. Sometimes you have those talents and I even think that everyone has special talents, but that only a few really discover these in their existence, let alone dare to go for it ... Will Ciotti be the prodigy of Parma? Above all, let us not be ahead of the facts; I have a few days left. Then, when I think Fabio drives me to a mattress, he parks at a large club in Parma where we have another closing drink, or two, I don't know exactly anymore.

Arriving at koi.lab

Parma is not that bad to be yet

What I do remember is that Fabio is really Murdock crazy. When his eye fell on a girl celebrating her 19 e birthday in the club. On the occasion of the party, in addition to her parents, the young woman also brought a set of golden balloons that depict her age (or that of the mother, but she still looks very good for her age).

Number One ( 1 ), Uno, first place, vincitore

Fabio was certainly not willing to do that nine. Number One (1), Uno, first place, vincitore, that is what Fabio has set its sights on. Fabio offers the girl five euros for the balloon, but it seems to be very attached to it. Fabio offers on; 10? 15? No response yet. 20? 25? The money has the breeder already in his hand. Fabio was determined to act on that one balloon, to be number 1 for a moment or purely as a statement to let me know what his ambitions really are. And was it not because of the fact that flashing through would look like we were bothering the girl, he stopped his bitterness in exchange for a photo with the balloon. This is the ambition of Koi.Lab.

Or be tosai make this dream come true? Tomorrow we will review and discuss the tosai van Koi lab expanded.

Arriving at koi.lab

The ambition of Fabio Ciotti with his Koi.Lab

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